Thursday, November 6, 2008

Live Webinar Event for Retailers

One Step Retail Solutions Host Webinar to Discuss How Retailers Can Adjust Their Business to Survive Economic Times

Retail Pro Expert from One Step Retail Solutions™ present Webinar “How To Adjust Your Retail Business to the Economic Times

In a special live Webinar event, “How To Adjust Your Retail Business to the Economic Times” on November 12, 2008, author and retail expert Kevin McAdam from One Step Retail Solutions will discuss the cold hard facts on what retailers need to do to thrive in the changing economic conditions.

“In today's volatile economic landscape it's harder than ever to create and maintain success. That is especially true in the consumer trend driven specialty retail industry where trends and therefore dollars can shift sometimes overnight,” says Kevin McAdam. “I don't think that anyone can argue that consumers have been pinched by the housing downturn, job losses, and higher costs for food and fuel. The difference is what different retailers are doing in response to that downturn.,” McAdam reports.

In this Webinar event, McAdam focuses on actions that will ensure good margins and work to maintain the bottom line, even in the face of a declining top line of sales.

The Webinar event takes place at 11:00 AM PT on January 22, 2008. For registration by phone, call 818-543-4777 Ext. 4121.

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