Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Increased Shrinkage Problems During the Holidays for Retailers...But Is There a Solution?

The New York Times covers a report on the increased shoplifting and shrinkage problems retailers are facing during the holiday season. Read it here.

But is there a solution to all this? Is there a way for retailers to keep a good eye on their inventory despite the hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas shopping they continue to work with, leading up to Christmas day? (A recent Twitter widget shows only 20 snippets of the many who are "last-minute Christmas shopping"!)

The answer is YES.
There IS a way for retailers to keep a close watch and increase their profits.

Right now it is crucial for store owners and managers to know what their inventory has and doesn't have as well as be constantly alert to shoplifting and shrinkage issues with a reliable Point of Sale solution.

I recommend this article: Getting Ready for the Holidays
It covers various ways to get the most out of the biggest shopping season.
With Christmas a couple of days away, make sure the last-minute-shopping frenzy leaves your store profitable and your holiday bright!

Happy Holidays!


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